Mizzen ready

I think I have my mizzen all sorted out now. I stepped way down on the mast diameter to just an 1-1/4′” closet pole. I had my doubts, but raised that 12 sq ft sail this morning in a good 20 to 25 mph wind and stood back to see what happened.
The mast did not break – it does bend probably a good 6 inches, maybe more in a gust. but the thing held up so I think I’m good. Maybe a good thing it bends to spill some wind. I’d say it is about the limit of how small maybe any mast should be. There is about 7 foot of mast above the partner, and I tapered the upper 30 inches or so down to about 1-1/8″.
I doubt I’ll be trying to sail this boat in any more wind than that! There is a reef in the sail too so I could kick it down a notch if need be. Some other parts of this boat I built with some similarly small scantlings and those worked out OK. I hope the mizzen mast does as well also.

About timsboats

Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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