So what’s this thing gonna cost?

I’ll keep a close tally here of the costs involved in building my dory.  I’ll try to keep track of time invested as well.

Not too much time as of 8/19/14 – maybe 3 hours of tinkering getting started.

8/19/14   —   4 sheets of Hydrotek meranti plywood   –  $170.

9/2/14                epoxy and supplies                                     $150.

9/8/14                fiberglass cloth and tape                           $85.

9/11/14       total                                                                      $405.

12/27/14            copper rivets and paint                             $165.

new total                                                                                   $570.

might as well forget about tracking my time spent now – I have no clue – too interested in doing the actual work than count the time.

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