The Spar Catcher

Playing around with this new rig some more…
I got all the spars made, but not yet varnished. They came out really good, nice and round, nice tapers. Very enjoyable but quite messy making them this time around.

… So I’m trying out this “yard lift” or “spar catcher” idea to keep the yard under control when raising or lowering the sail:…rcatcher1.html and…rcatcher2.html
…and the same idea is mentioned by Ben Fuller in this old thread Taming the Balanced lug Yard

The thing works great. It is one extra halyard to deal with, but so far seems to be worth the little extra complication.
It is really blowing pretty hard out there today for testing in the back yard (21-28 mph), but when dropping the sail the yard was under control – coming down upright, parallel, right next to the mast. Then when this second halyard is lowered the rest of the sail and the yard easily drops into the boat without any real fuss. It is still all kind of halfassed right now but in the end I’ll want to get everything set up in such a way that it is quick to setup and break down.

It may even give me a second reef – as there is a triangle of sail left up with the yard in the vertical postion. Maybe strapping in the foot of the yard to the mast and tying in the rest of the reef… we’ll see…

The Sailrite sail really has a nice shape to it when I get it full of this much wind – it looks like it will have some real power.

I wish I could show you a video of how it works – but not today – there is way too much wind out there to turn my back on the thing even for a second… I gotta be ready so the thing doesn’t take off in a good gust! It’s strapped down to the trailer, but I still can’t take any chances.

To cold to be out there any more anyhow – the wind chill was 26 degrees when I came in. Done for today.

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