Bio: Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor

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  1. David Robichaux says:

    Really enjoyed your build, so much so, it inspired me to also build a Butler Gunning Dory.
    Hope to finish her up in a month or so.


  2. Hi, I’m in Lafayette Indiana and finally found you via Google. I want to build the gunning dory with the sail addition you have, but didn’t want to just pick a place to mount the mast.

    Super small world, I built the Ruel Parker 16′ Stick Up Sharpie… and sold it earlier this summer. I think I built it too heavy, but I did build it to the plans.

    I want a smaller boat that is faster to get into the water and rig, I live on the Wabash river so rowing interest, and pulling a trailer in suburban traffic makes me nuts.

    – Vincent Walter
    formerly of Wooster Ohio… married to a Parma/Seven Hills lady.


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