The rain made me do it

The rain made me do it…
Yesterday was nice and I pulled the boat out and played around with the new lug rig some.
Today has been nothing but rain all day so I couldn’t continue more of the same. Yesterday I was attaching the yard ala Storer’s GIS and I do like doing it that way.
I needed something to do inside so I made up a mast traveler ala McMullen. When the weather clears again I’m anxious to try this out. I made it from some heavy duty long pegboard hangers that I just happen to have a ton of.
It is somewhere close to 7/32″ thickness or .210″ Was easily bent around a 2 inch holesaw for the ring, and the hooks I just bent around a bolt. All welded up it is really strong. I’ll paint it with some POR15, and try to leather wrap it after the paint is dry.
Good rainy day project. I hope it works.



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Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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