Spar making

I finally got out in the shop today to actually do something instead of just talk about it or dream about it.
Nice weather today – damn near 60 degrees in February in Cleveland? I’ll take it!
Started making the yard for the lug sail. I’m trying something a bit different. Making it like one would do scuppered gunwales on a boat. I think it will be like a truss effect making it stiffer than a solid spar.The ends and the area where the halyard will attach have longer “blocks” for added stiffness there. The ends were tapered with long tapered blocks during this first glue-up. Once the glue dries the taper top to bottom will be cut to match the other. I then plan to glue another thin 1/4″ strip to the top and bottom to close it up. The result will be a partially hollow, truss-like spar. My idea is (hopefully) a simpler alternative to birdsmouth, which would have been pretty fiddly to assemble with the small stave sizes needed. The yard will get the corners rounded off after the second glue-up is dry. I used Titebond III this time, avoiding the epoxy mess was a nice change.
While the yard is sitting in the clamps drying – I started making the little Delrin pulleys for the wooden blocks I’m going to make for the new rig too.
No pictures today. I’m kind of too embarrassed to show what condition my shop is in these days. I’ll get you some pics – just not today.

Start of the yard. Just out of the first glue-up. What should I call this thing? A box truss? Does that sound about right?

I have planed down the opposite tapers and have the enclosing strips gluing up now.


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