Camping with Lark

We just returned from our first great camping trip with the boat.   This boat was built for this purpose, although I have been having more fun than that with her since the launch a few weeks ago. I did not feel that the racks on the camper were stout enough, so I just ran two 2X4’s  across the top and that was more than sturdy.  Strapped down she rode just fine on the trip to the campgrounds and back. The sail rig and rudder strapped on top of the camper too, with the boat. The beach cart did double duty as a camp cart to get Lark to the water, as we could not get a waterfront site this time. I found a spot to leave her in the water tied to a tree so it was alright.

We sailed – two up at times.  I rowed just for fun (and got better at it!). I fished – drift fishing and trolling under oar. I even caught a few nice fish.

Overall a great outcome for the original intent of this boat for a pop-up camper boat. I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

IMGP9834 IMGP9835

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Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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